Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society


Food issues have played a decisive role in the international social, political and academic agenda in recent years. The development of new agri-food production technologies adapted to climate impacts, the formation of new supply dynamics to promote interaction between producers and consumers, the excellence in foodquality, and the design of sustainable food systems are among the challenges to be faced.

The International Conference on Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society represents the efforts of an international community that comprises academic researchers, civil society organizations and policy makers. This community is convinced about the need of bringing food and food-related matters to the core of the debates that involve the main issues challenging humanity in the 21st century, namely: climate change and its impact on water and biodiversity, the pursuit of alternative energy sources, as well as demographic changes.

Accordingly, AgUrb gathers multiple actors involved in agri-food issues in order to reflect and debate about new food production, distribution and consumption strategies to be applied to increasingly urbanized societies in the 21st century.
After two successful European editions, the 3rdInternational Conference Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society – AgUrb – will be held from September 17th to 21st, 2018, in Porto Alegre City, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS.


The main theme will be “Healthy food, socio-biodiversity and sustainable agri-food systems: innovations from consumption to production”. The conference will be a privileged locus for the presentation, improvement and diffusion of concepts, artifacts, practices and processes related to sustainable and resilient agri-food systems.

It will gather a very diverse audience composed of professionals from different knowledge fields and of multiple actors such as teachers, researchers, students, technicians, professionals, government agents, public servants, social movement activists, as well as representatives from national and international political bodies, companies, farmers and consumers.

The III AgUrb will comprise an intense 5-day-long programming, which will include international panels, symposia, presentation of scientific papers in thematic working groups, experience reports, field trips and cultural activities.

Partners and sponsors are welcome. However, in order to enable ethical coherence with the proposal of the event, priority will be given to contributions from organizations involved with sustainable agriculture and family farming; from companies involved with organic, healthy food and environmentally-friendly products; as well as from government and research funds and agencies. It will not be accepted contributions from companies involved in slave or child labor; corruption allegations; pharmaceutical companies involved in GMO’s agrochemicals production; large food corporations; fast food chains ; or even from companies involved in high environmental-impact activities such as mining.

A series of decentralized preparatory activities have been carried out since 2016 in order to encourage local and national mobilization around AgUrb. For further information on such agenda, visit our webpage

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