Cultural activities aim to address the themes of the Conference and celebrate Brazilian culture through different forms of artistic expression, complementing the other activities.

The Cine AgUrb brings a series of short and medium-length films, fictional or documentary, focusing on the theme of the conference. These activities have already been carried out in the Redenção Room – University Cinema, an alternative space for the projection of films generated by the University itself. Entry to the activities is targeted at the conference audience, but is also open to the general public with free admission.

There will be also activities were participants can enjoy the Brazilian Culture trough gastronomy, music and dances!

Down below are some actions already confirmed!



September 18th

4h pm: Cine AgUrb – a sequence of short films

The power of food


Have you ever thought of how you are feeding yourself? Do you consider that companies offer enough information on their products? Ana Branco, Bela Gil, Bruno Negrão, Cynthia Howlett, Gabriela Chaves and Jorge Jamili present in this documentary the problems of processed foods and the importance of natural ones. Food is treated as an ingredient for a healthy life.

Production and direction of  Philos TV, part of Globosat Programadora Group.

Cultural interpretatiion of taste: Alex Atala


Have you eaten ants? What about salty avocado? Alex Atala is a Brazilian chef known for the use of Brazilian ingredients, mainly from the north part of the country. In this video, he talks about how culture influences our tastes and eating habits and discusses the cultural interpretation of taste. Eating habits that may seem strange to some cultures may seem natural to others.

TED production, in the city of Campos do Jordão/ SP. Organizer: Alexandre Franzolim.

The Scarecrow


Have you ever thought of how artificial urban society food is? How our life is surrounded by food advertising? The short film released by the Mexican network Chipotle makes us reflect on the production of food and the problem of highly processed industrialized foods. More and more we see fresh produce being substituted by the artificial foods. In this system, life is continuously disregarded, animals like cows, chickens and many others are treated as mere commercial products in the protein industry. Come watch and reflect on the industrial logic of our food with us.

Resin Sculpture: Jim McKenzie; Client: Chipotle; Agency: CAA Marketing; Animation: Moonbot Studios; Music: Fiona Apple

Bringing the forest to the farm


Did you know that it is possible to grow food in the forest? This documentary shows the experience of the Agroforestry Agroecological Systems Network (SAFAs) in southern Brazil. Agroforestry systems involve the production of healthy food by integrating forests, crops, and livestock. This system optimizes space, respects ecological relationships and the natural succession of species, increasing the productive diversification and the autonomy of the farmers. This experience is inspiring and shows us that it is possible to produce food in harmony with nature.

This video presents the Project of “Agroforestry Agroecological Systems Network (SAFAs).” Resulted of the public announcement MDA/CNPq number 39/2014 (Process 472529/2014-15).

Coordination: Ph.D. Prof. Ilyas Siddique (UFSC) screenplay and direction: Ana Carolina Dionísio and Gustavo Türck. Production: Karoline Fendel and Camila Argenta

8 pm: Dinner – Southern Brazilian gastronomy and cuisine

Tuesday evening’s cultural activity will be a dinner of a classic regional gastronomic experience: barbecue. Typically eaten throughout the state barbecue is the occasion to gather friends around the grill and share good stories, as well as good gastronomy. The dinner will be at Churrascaria Galpão Crioulo, which has been active since 1984. The steakhouse is in a warehouse, where traditionally there are Gaucho Tradition Centers (CTGs) that carry out cultural activities and keep the culture of the state alive.


The gaucho barbecue will be offered in three options: The “traditional skewer” which includes appetizers and sides, typical cuts of meat, salad and side dishes buffet, and traditional desserts. The “special skewer” will also be available, which includes a smaller variety meat cuts, starters, salad and side dishes buffet, and traditional desserts. And, the vegetarian which includes the salad and side dishes buffet, and traditional desserts.

The venue offers a live show of typical gaucho dance, machete dancing, and chula dance.

The dinner is a optional activity and subject to registration. Drinks will be charged separately according to consumption and payment will occur on the day, directly at the restaurant.

When: September 18, 2018

Hours: From 8 pm

Address: Rua Otávio Francisco Caruso da Rocha S / N. Located inside the park Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho (4.3 Km from the Amphitheater).


Traditional Skewer R$: 80,00 per person

Special Skewer  R$: 53,00 per person

Vegetarian: R$: 35,00

This is an optional activity. Payment on the day!

If you intend to participate, please register your interest in this form!

September 19th

4h pm: Cine AgUrb – a sequence of short films

Springs also die


Have you ever wondered what the future of humanity would look like without water? This video questions the exploitation of natural resources in an unrestrained way. Water is a natural resource for humanity, and we all depend on it. Therefore, it cannot be treated as an endless resource resulting in the contamination and drought of several mineral springs in Brazil. Let’s think about sanitation and other issues related to water care!

Photography direction:DAVID OBADIA; Audio director: MAURICIO EIRAS Production Assistant: Pâmela Blumer.

Greenbelt of Porto Alegre: territory in dispute


Did you know that there are rural areas in Porto Alegre? Do you know what it is? The challenges the local producers of Porto Alegre face? Located in a transition zone between the Pampa and the Atlantic forest, real estate speculation has been trying to transform these spaces of cultivation and forest into condominiums. People are willing to fight against this logic with respect for local biodiversity, for the care of wild animals and native plants. The municipality is disputing! Come and learn more.

Execution: Coletivo Catarse, Amigos da Terra and Econsciência; Direction, photography, and editing: Tiago Rodrigues and Jefferson Pinheiro.

Rethinking consumption


To whom and who benefits from our consumption? This video helps us reflect on the rampant consumption and the need to create a collective consciousness. Brazilian journalist André Trigueiro questions our attitudes: What are the consequences of consumerism in our society? What is the real meaning of consumption?

Production and direction: TEDX Sudeste

7h pm: Cine AgUrb – mid-length film

Organic Brazil


How important is organic food? The documentary presents stories of people organic farmers who produce in harmony with the environment as a way of life. Experiments are shown in the different Brazilian biomes according to the productive characteristics of each one. The project was carried out through the Audiovisual Law (Ancine), sponsored by Tractebel Energia, BRDE – Extreme South and Parati Regional Development Bank.

Direction: Kátia Klock and Lícia Brancher.