Call for Scientific Papers

Validity: April 8th to June 30th, 2018



The process to submit the Scientific papers to be presented at the III International Conference on Agriculture and Food in an Urbanized Society has closed!

The Conference will be held from September 17th to 21st, 2018 at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil.



Check here the scientific papers approved for presentation.


Attention! The final version of your paper should be sent to the e-mail
Please, to facilitate our work, we strongly urge that in the title of the message put the name of the 1st author and group to which the work was accepted! For example, Mary_WG 01
We remind you that the deadline for sending and payment is August 5, 2018!






  1. About the content and format of propositions:
    • Unpublished studies conducted by scholars, researchers, students and other professionals can participate in the submission process.
    • The content of the articles shall comply with the thematic proposition of the Working Groups – WGs of the III AgUrb, and the WG of interest shall be indicated at the time of submission. The complete list of GTs can be viewed here.
    • Each person may submit (2) articles as author or co-author.
    • The articles may be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English and have at most 4 (four) authors.
    • Submission will happen by sending an abstract of the work, having between 1500 and 3000 characters (including space between words). The content should include in a synthetic form: objective, conceptual framework, methodology, results and conclusions.
    • The approved papers can only be presented during the Conference if the payment of the registration is made and the authors send the expanded summary (up to 10 pages) until August 5, 2018. To send the expanded abstract, this template must be used.


  1. The submission
    • The abstract of the articles shall be submitted for selection only through this platform. Attention, in order to access the submission form for papers for the III AgUrb, the participant must first register on the platform and register in the event.
    • The abstract shall be presented in a single paragraph, without captions, figures, tables, graphs or literature citations. It shall include between 3 and 5 keywords.
    • The submission form will request the following information: a) Language in which the work is written; b) Identification of the Working Group to which it refers; c) Title of the work; d) Abstract of a maximum of 3000 characters (including space between words); e) Information about authors (name, institutional affiliation, e-mails, country of origin); f) From 3 to 5 keywords; g) PDF file containing only title, abstract with a maximum of 3000 characters and keywords.


  1. Selection Process
    • The articles shall be selected in a blind-peer evaluation process, conducted by the WG conveners.
    • The selection process shall take into consideration the quality of the work, its coherence towards the WG and the limit of studies to be presented per WG.
    • The result of the selection process will be informed by e-mail to the authors, until July 20th, 2018. The WG conveners are sovereign about the selection result. Appeals will not be accepted or nether it will be sent detailed information about the evaluation process.
    • Certificates will be issued automatically according to the information on the forms. The enrollee is responsible for properly providing all names and order of authorship at the time of registration.




The best studies will be awarded as decided by the Working Group conveners and they will also receive a special certification.




Doubts or additional information can be clarified through the following email: